Upcoming Sessions

Locations and links to all Zoom sessions can be found in the Digests and in the JCCTL mailer.

Please keep checking back as we may add more support as needed. Would you like to suggest or participate in a session? Please contact us via the Gettysburg College JCCTL e-mail address.

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Open genAI discussion sessions:

Brief review of opportunities and challenges brought about by genAI, followed by discussion/Q&A. Focus is on considering genAI tools from a Backward Design-first perspective.

These sessions are offered frequently and announced via Digests and JCCTL mailers.

Topical sessions

Fri, August 4th, 11am – 12:15pm
When does genAI tool use become “cheating”?
Hannah Sollenberger, Center for Student Success; Kirby Farah, Anthropology; Kevin Moore, Musselman Library; Melissa Forbes, Writing Center and English
Zoom address: see Digests or JCCTL mailer

With genAI tools able to do everything from checking for passive voice to drafting an entire research essay, it can be difficult for both students and instructors to identify where use of these tools crosses the line from supporting thinking to replacing it. After hearing briefly from representatives of the Center for Student Success, the Honor Commission, Musselman Library, and the Writing Center, participants will engage in a workshop designed to help instructors unpack and articulate their positions in their own course contexts.   

Thu, August 10th, 1–2:15 pm
Drafting your genAI class policy
Josef Brandauer, JCCTL and Health Sciences; Melissa Forbes, Writing Center and English
Zoom address: see Digests or JCCTL mailer

This workshop will support you in drafting a generative AI (genAI) course policy that aligns with your learning goals. We will begin by discussing characteristics of effective policies, evaluate sample genAI policies, and share results from our genAI survey. In the second half, we will offer time to begin drafting a policy statement followed by a small group workshop and discussion.

JPI: Mon 8/14, 2–2:50pm
genAI for good
Melissa Forbes, Writing Center and English; Brendan Cushing-Daniels, Economics
in-person event (Musselman Library Apse)

How might genAI technologies actually help students learn? What are creative ways to incorporate them into assignments and activities? Bringing together colleagues from across campus, this panel focuses on genAI’s opportunities rather than its threats and offers concrete ideas for incorporating it into your teaching practice. 

JPI: Tue 8/15, 9–11:00am
Assignment redesign workshop

Divided according to assignment type and other topics, these open workshops offer opportunity to revisit assignment learning goals in the face of genAI and begin making changes as appropriate. Sessions will include time for individual work and small group workshops as well as sample assignment redesigns.  

Date TBD
Toward genAI-resistant assignments