“Do my homework, genAI”

In this video series, Melissa Forbes and Josef Brandauer use ChatGPT and/or other relevant genAI tools to “do” assignments from instructors across the curriculum and with a wide variety of learning goals.

We did the least amount of labor possible to complete these assignments: while we did refine material within the chat, final drafts are copied directly from the genAI without alteration, and as much as possible, initial instructions given to the genAI are copied and pasted directly from assignment prompts.

In each 10ish-minute video, the instructor introduces the content and goals of the assignment, the “student” walks through their process in the genAI chat, and then the instructor evaluates the work that was turned in. Each video is accompanied by the relevant assignment prompt, final draft, and chat transcript (we recommend looking at them in that order for maximum clarity).

We hope you find these useful–we found that making them certainly was–and encourage you to experiment with your own assignments!

Before you proceed: Take a look at this extremely detailed resource on AI Prompts for Teaching by Dr. Cynthia Alby, Georgia College & State University.

Individual Assignments

Assessing Content Understanding: Craig Lair, Sociology

Developing Writing via Close Reading: Joanne Myers, English

Joining an Ongoing Conversation: Jesse Cordes Selbin, English

Performing Data Analysis: Megan Benka-Coker

Synthesizing Research: Amy Dailey

Bonus Content

This section is for snippets of conversation that were particularly interesting or valuable but would have made the main videos above too long.

The limits of our expertise (Amy Dailey)

In this bonus clip, Amy and I talk about what happened when I applied the prompts from her first video to a less widely known scholar and what the results mean for our teaching. Relevant transcripts below.